Team Fibonacci are passionate about innovation.


Our core mission is to release radically different products, which aim to improve upon and evolve existing designs using inspiration and innovation. Utilizing "Out of The Box" thinking to re-imagine grinder design.


The Fibonacci Compacts inception was made in 2020 during lockdown. Where time was abundant and the founder could focus his imagination upon the pros and cons of existing grinder technology. Recognizing that innovation has been lacking in regards to manual grinder design for some time. Most products are the same with little differences other than branding, color, packaging and their manufacturing quality.


Identifying that the shape and design of existing grinders, is achieved via a vertically stacked compartment arrangement. This arrangement makes a 4 piece grinder, with a decent amount of herb storage volume, have a very large overall thickness dimension of around 6cm. Certainly not ideal for portability and pocket size functionality.


In order to reduce the thickness, current methods adopted are:

  • Reduce functionality from a 4 piece grinder to a 3 piece or a 2 piece
  • Reduce the diameter of the grinder

All methods reduce the grinders functionality and the internal compartments volume and their capacity.

There must be a better way.. 


The epiphany moment, was the realization that the bulkiest compartment, the processed herb storage can be orientated longitudinally instead of vertically stacked.. this would drastically reduce the overall thickness without any compromise on 4 piece functionality or internal compartment volumes. The next question was HOW?


It has taken 3x prototypes and over 30 design alliterations to perfect the "Patent Pending" internal mechanism. Which comprises of a internal axel which connects both the grinder lid with the rotating wire nectar filter.

During users manual input, spinning the flip out hand crank, there is a twofold function:

  1. Rotates grinder teeth in grinder compartment to pulverize herbs into smaller pieces
  2. Rotates processed herbs landing onto the wire nectar filter


Herbs are grounded in the grinding compartments, then pass downwards into chamber below, landing onto the spinning wire nectar filter. Spinning processed herbs centrifugally outwards from center. Where the static directional arm, assists in sending herbs longitudinally into the side storage tray.


The Fibonacci Logo

Fibonacci is a Roman mathematician who discovered the mathematical pattern and geometry inherent in nature. Our design ethos is to use nature as our inspiration. 

The O in Fibonacci, represents our sun and the Fibonacci pattern surrounding or emanating around it. Illustrating our sun being fundamental to organic life on earth. In addition the patent pending internal mechanism utilizes centrifugal forces which send processed herbs spinning in the Fibonacci spiral geometry.


A lot of hard work and passion has gone into the creation of the Fibonacci Grinders product range. We hope you love them as much as us and if you would like to work with us or have feedback. Feel free to get in touch!

Team Fibonacci